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The Lowcountry is no stranger to storms and the damage they can inflict. Every year, our homes encounter strong thunderstorms with damaging winds and hail, with tornado watches and warnings becoming more and more frequent, all while we have to stay tuned to these “cones of uncertainty” coming out of the Atlantic between June and November.

At Sea Island Residential, we have structured our business so that you only need to deal with one contractor following a loss. As a Disaster Restoration service and a Licensed Contractor, we will arrive as your first responder to mitigate damages from ruining more of your home, and we will stay until all of the major damages are repaired or replaced to your satisfaction. Just as it should be.


We are a family-founded, owned and operated business based in the Sea Islands of South Carolina, and we take pride in having a part in restoring and maintaining the homes in this region. From Charleston to Columbia, and Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head, we know who our neighbors are, and we know how to treat them, and their properties, with the respect and dignity they deserve.


At Sea Island Residential, we take our professional expertise seriously. We are constantly honing our skills with continued education and training in the services we offer. To us, the combination of technical skill with intangibles like integrity and grit serves as a trustworthy backbone, giving us the confidence and pride to offer these services to our neighbors. Be assured your project will be completed according to current industry best practices.


Your home is one of your most important assets, and one part protects more than most, the roof. When storms, wind, or age damage your roof, you need an experienced professional to inspect, repair, and possibly replace it The team at Sea Island Restoration has all your roofing needs covered.


Your gutters are an often underestimated source of protection for your home. They serve an important purpose, channeling water from the roof and away from your home. Here in the Lowcountry, that water can damage your home in numerous ways. We know how important your gutters are and what they need.


Hurricanes, hail storms, and all other types of disasters happen. Usually when you least expect them. Tragically, even the best preparation for these events can end in massive damage. No matter the level or type of damage, Sea Island Restoration can help you get back to normal


There’s a lot we could say about the quality of our work, but we’d rather let you see for yourself. Take a look, and read what our customers are saying too!