Do I Qualify for South Carolina Safe Home?
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Do I Qualify for South Carolina Safe Home?

Living in South Carolina means living with the reality of extreme weather conditions. Our state is no stranger to severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. When these natural disasters result in significant property damage, Sea Island Residential handles many local restoration projects in the Sea Islands and other hurricane-prone counties.

Our contractor business is certified as part of a program in South Carolina that can help homeowners mitigate the risks associated with such extreme weather events. South Carolina Safe Home can help cover the cost of increasing your property’s hurricane and wind-damage resistance. If you’ve been looking to repair or replace your roof, it’s definitely worth looking into!

Keep reading to discover whether you qualify for SCSH.

What Is South Carolina Safe Home?

South Carolina Safe Home is a state program designed to assist homeowners in improving their properties' resistance to wind and hurricane damage. The goal is to reduce property damage and increase safety during extreme weather events.

One of the most vulnerable parts of any home during a storm, roofing is prone to hurricane damage. This program offers financial assistance to help homeowners fortify or replace their roofs.

What Can SCSH Funds Be Used For?

SC Safe Home funds are for the sole purpose of retrofitting owner-occupied, single-family homes. The funds may not be used for remodeling, home repair, or new construction.

The grant money can be used for:

●        Bracing gable ends

●        Roof-to-wall connectors

●        Secondary water barrier

●        Exterior doors

●        Garage doors

●        Roof covering

●        Repair or replacement of manufactured home piers, anchors, and tie-down straps

●        Opening protection, such as window replacement and hurricane shutters

●        Roof deck attachment

●        Issues associated with weak trusses, studs, and structural components

If you’re interested in SC Safe Home because you need a new roof, it’s important to note that according to the guidelines above, the grant funds can be used to replace a roof, but not to repair one.

Another important note: If the cost of the mitigation project exceeds the amount of the grant award, the remaining cost is the responsibility of the applicant. No grant award may exceed $5,000.

Therefore, if you’re approved to use SC Safe Home funds for roof replacement and your new roof costs more than $5,000, you’ll owe your contractor the difference.

Important Update: Application Deadline for 2023

Before we dive into eligibility requirements, it's crucial to note that applications for the South Carolina Safe Home program for 2023 are no longer being accepted, as the deadline was in July 2023. However, the program typically opens for applications twice a year, approximately six months apart.

To stay informed and be ready for the next round of applications, you can sign up for notifications on the official website: SC Safe Home Program Notifications.

Who Is Eligible for South Carolina Safe Home?

Eligibility for the South Carolina Safe Home program is primarily determined by your location and property type.

Here are the key eligibility criteria.

Geographical Location

Residents of 11 specific counties in South Carolina are eligible to apply: Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Jasper, Marion, and Williamsburg.

If your home is located in one of these counties, you meet the geographical requirement.

Property Type

To be eligible, your property must be a site-built, insured, single-family residence, and it must be owner-occupied. This means that vacation homes or rental properties do not qualify.

Income Limitations

Unlike many grant programs, South Carolina Safe Home does not impose income limitations. This means that homeowners of all income levels who meet the other criteria are eligible to apply.

There are provisions for lower-income homeowners, including exemptions from matching fund requirements and the possibility of larger grants.

The Benefits of South Carolina Safe Home Grants

Participating in the South Carolina Safe Home program offers several compelling benefits:

●        State Tax Credits: The home improvement projects funded by these grants are eligible for state tax credits, helping to offset a portion of the costs.

●        Hurricane Insurance Premium Discounts: Enhancements made to your home through this program can result in obligatory discounts on hurricane insurance premiums, saving you money in the long run.

SC Safe Home Approved Inspectors & Contractors

If you qualify for SC Safe Home, you must choose from their list of approved home inspectors and contractors.

Prior to applying for the grant, your property must be inspected. Any reputable inspector will surely help with your application at the same time!

Limited Funding Availability

While South Carolina Safe Home offers valuable assistance, it's essential to be aware that the funding pool for these grants is limited. During the application process, the available funds can be quickly depleted.

For example, the round of applications that started on July 5, 2023, had approximately $1.1 million allocated, expected to cover around 325 grants.

Given the scarcity of available funds and the program's benefits, it's crucial to act promptly when the next round of applications opens. Stay informed by signing up for notifications on the official website so that you can seize the opportunity to protect your home and reduce the risks associated with extreme weather conditions in South Carolina.

Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection Today!

SC Safe Home grants are limited, and in previous years, they’ve gone fast! That’s why it’s SO important to fill out your application ASAP once the program reopens. You’ll also need to schedule your home inspection, so get it on the books now!

Sea Island Residential is an approved inspector AND an approved contractor for SC Safe Home. This really streamlines things for our customers because they only have to work with one company for the entire process – and we’re a great local company to boot!

Contact us today via phone or email. We’ll help you understand the SC Safe Home application process and work with you to plan the next steps.

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