Common Gutter Problems Every Homeowner Should Know
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Common Gutter Problems Every Homeowner Should Know

Gutters are an underrated but crucial part of the exterior of your home. They are responsible for collecting rainwater during storms and directing it away from your property. Essentially, gutters prevent moisture from building on your roof, potentially causing water damage.

Additionally, gutters also prevent water from hanging out around your foundation, which can leak into your basement causing damage to your house’s structure and your personal property. Of course, like all parts of your home, gutters will receive a great amount of wear and tear, especially in the Sea Island area.

Here are common problems to look out for!

Leaky Gutters

If you notice a stream of water exiting precarious places on your gutter system, it’s a sure sign of a leak. Leaky gutters will cause water to collect in places around your home that will potentially cause damage.

Luckily, if you spot a leak in your gutter systems, it’s a relatively simple fix. Smaller leaks only require an application of gutter sealant. Larger holes may need to be a patch. If this is the case, hardware stores sell gutter patch kits for a quick and easy fix!

Damaged Gutters

Sometimes, preventing a problem is out of your control. When it comes to severe weather rolling through the Sea Islands, this is especially the case. Thunderstorms and hurricanes can easily tear off parts of your exterior, especially shingles, siding, and gutters.

Solving this issue is pretty straightforward. You may have to replace certain components of your gutters or even entire sections. To give your gutters a better chance against severe weather, proper installment and checking for loose joints are good steps to follow!

Improper Gutter Pitch

For water to flow efficiently from your property, gutters need to have the correct pitch. Generally, the proper pitch of a gutter system should be a quarter inch for every ten feet. This gives an angle to properly maintain the flow of water.

If you see standing water in your gutters after a rainstorm, it may be time to adjust the pitch!

Old or Inadequate Gutter System

Depending on the circumstances, whether it’s old age or severe weather, you may need to start fresh with gutter replacement. It may be a higher cost upfront, but it will save you from many headaches and a ton of money down the road!

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